Senior Computer Vision Researcher

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Do you want to work on a product that will make you go "wow" ? 

Sightful is an early-stage startup in the AR field working on an exciting new consumer product that brings tangible value to users.

If you're methodological and take pride in delivering high quality products.

If you enjoy working closely with your teammates on big unsolved problems. 

Then this job may be for you.

We are looking for a passionate and established algorithms researcher with exceptional research skills in the fields of Computer Vision.

As a senior researcher, you will work with the algorithms group through all stages of algorithms development from applied research through productization and all the way to delivery, while addressing matters like human interaction (hands, eyes, voice etc.), object detection & tracking, scene understanding, 6DOF estimation, SLAM and more.


  • Hands on algorithmic research of the company's entire algo stack - System algorithms, Computer vision, Behavioral & Control, User Intent and more.

  • Technical execution of the algorithms R&D plan.

  • Examples: Hand Tracking optimizations, interactions (gestures etc.), objects tracking, SLAM, 6DOF estimation, etc.

  • Algorithms stack will run in real-time on heterogeneous compute platforms - Laptop, Mobile, Cloud.

  • Data definition & collection - Real & Synthetic: inhouse, open solution and outsource.

  • Productization of algorithms stack through rigorous testing, alpha & beta sites etc.

  • Collaborate with a highly cross-functional team optimizing product performance: Product Management, Technologies, Design UX/UI, Software etc.


  • At least a MSc in relevant field (Machine Learning, Computer vision).

  • At least 5 years of experience in Systems and Algo domains in the industry.

  • Computer Vision know-how including Classical (this is mandatory for this job) and Deep Learning techniques for visual applications.

  • Human-machine Interactions know-how is a plus.

  • Outstanding communication skills.

* Frequently cited statistics show that women and underrepresented groups apply to jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. But guess what? No one ever meets 100% of the qualifications. Trust your experience and apply! 

* Flexibility to work in a hybrid mode and flexible working hours.

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